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Strengthen Your Local Community

Integrate students into the local economy by engaging them to help small businesses.

Students assess small businesses’ digital marketing platforms to maintain correct, consistent and current information.


Step 1

Register to Have Your Business Assessed Here

Step 2

We Facilitate the Assessment with Local High School Students

Step 3

You Receive a Report of our Findings and Recommendations

Step 4

We Meet for a Final Debrief to Assist with Next Steps

Getting Businesses Listed Online is…

Absolutely imperative for businesses to thrive and be found.

The initiative focuses on three primary categories: Website Functionality, Local Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media.

Featured In The The Moscow-Pullman Daily News

"It will really bring up the next generation of people that will be our leaders and business leaders within our community,"

-Francis Benjamin | Read More
  • The DMA starts the conversation about Digital Marketing and the roll it plays in my business. The assessment provides an outsiders view to get the conversation if Digital marketing going and ideas on how to move forward.
    Archie McGregor
    Dissmore's IGA
  • The Digital Marketing Assessment has been a great experience and opportunity. We are fortunate to have been given these new perspectives and tools to enhance our online marketing as our business is launching. I feel like we have a strong foundation to adapt and meet new customer needs in the future and it will be easy now that the basics are dialed in. We are excited for the upcoming year to continue our startup success.
    Sara Joplin
    The Seasoned House